Let us start with a short story of love before we show you Love You Quotes.

Continue Reading From First Love Story– Whenever He Visited Her, He Started Out Speaking To Her, Remembering All The Lovely Moments They Spend With Each Different. One Day When He Showed Her Wedding Video She Slowly Began To Move Her Hand. She Whispered His Name And Began Gaining Consciousness, She Had Absolutely Recovered And Turned Into Subsequently Allowed To Depart The Hospital For Suitable. While The Couple Left, She Informed Frank That She Heard His Voice While She Was In A Coma And That It Was His Voice That Was The Greatest Resource In Helping Her To Go Back To Consciousness.

Short Love Story

A Boy Had Cancer And He Had Only One Month To Live. He Loved A Girl Working In A Book Store But Didn’t Express His Feelings For Her. He Goes To Her Store Every day And Buys A Book Just To Talk To Her. After He, That Girl Goes To Boy’s House To Ask About Him. Boy’s Mother Tells Her Everything And Takes Her To His Room. She Sees All The Books In His Room. She Starts Crying.

Nothing can be worse than not expressing your feelings. Right?

So for you, we have most romantic love quotes.

Tell your partner how special he/she is for you with the help of our 50 most romantic Love You Quotes. You can show your love for your partner anytime because there is no special place or time to express your love.

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Finding the perfect love quote that expresses what you feel is pretty amazing. Isn’t?

Best Love You Quotes

It is a lovely way to express your love feelings for someone with beautiful love you quotes. We have some of the most beautiful love quotes. Here is the list of love quotes.

I'll Allow You To Appear Love You Quotes


Love You Quotes True Love Never Occurs

[bctt tweet=”True Love Never Occurs All Of A Sudden. It’s A Hard Process Which Lasts During The Whole Life.” username=”LoveYouQuotes2″]

A Real Relationship Has Fight Love You Quotes


Love You Quotes Sometimes Someone Comes Into Your Life

[bctt tweet=”Sometimes Someone Comes Into Your Life Os Unexpectedly Takes Your Heart By Surprise And Changes Your Life Forever.” username=”LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes Distance Shouldn't Stop Me From Loving You

[bctt tweet=”Distance Shouldn’t Stop Me From Loving You, Instead, It Makes Me Love You And Crave For You More.” username=”LoveYouQuotes2″]

My Day Is Not Complete Love You Quotes

6. My Day Is Not Completed If I Don’t Tell You That I Love You.

Love You Quotes You'll Never Find A Real Life In The Place

[bctt tweet=”You’ll Never Find A Real Life In The Place, Where It Doesn’t Exist. You’ll Not Be Able To Deny It In The Place, Where It Was Born.” username=”LoveYouQuotes2″]

Most Romantic Love You Quotes

Dana Andrews & Virginia Mayo The Best Years Of Our Lives 1946

[bctt tweet=”You Fell Asleep In My Arms And Woke Up In My Dreams!” username=”LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes I'm Not Perfect But I Love You

9. I’m Not Perfect But I Love You I Really Do. And I Promise To Be Your Best Friend, Your Partner In Crime And your lover

I Wish I Could See Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=” I Wish You Could See The Stupid Smile I Get When We’re Texting.” username=”LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes Yes I'm Thinking About You

[bctt tweet=”Yes, I”M Thinking About You Right Now.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

If I Did Anything Right Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”If I Did Anything Right In My Life It Was When I Gave My Heart To You.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes When People Ask What I See In You

[bctt tweet=”When People Ask What I See In You, I Just Smile And Took Away Because I’m Afraid If They Knew They’d Fall In Love With You Too.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Real Love Cannot Be Selfish Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”Real Love Cannot Be Selfish Under No Circumstances. If You Want To Have A Real Love, Be Ready To Sacrifice!” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes I Fell In Love

[bctt tweet=”I Fell In Love With The Way You Touched Me Without Using Your Hands.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

You've A Place In My Heart Love You Quotes

Beautiful Love You Quotes For Couple

[bctt tweet=”You’ve A Place In My Heart No One Else Could Have.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes The Ability To Wait

[bctt tweet=”The Ability To Wait Is The Sign Of True Love. Be Patient, And You’ll Get Everything You Want.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

They Asked Him How's Your Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”They Asked Him How’s Your Life He Smiled And Answered ‘She Is Fine”” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes When You Meet A Soul

[bctt tweet=”When You Meet A Soul Mate, You Don’t Need To Look For Perfection In Your Partner. You Know, It’s Really True Love.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes Sometimes I Look At You

[bctt tweet=”Sometimes I Look At You I Wonder How I Got To Be So Damn Lucky” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Everything I Am You Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”Everything I Am You Helped Me To Be.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes I Don't Need The Whole Word

[bctt tweet=”I Don’t Need The Whole World To Love Me. I Just Need One Person. You Know This Person Well: It’s You.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

You Wanna Know Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”You Wanna Know Who I’m In Love With? Read The First Word Again.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes It's Easy To Say I Love You

[bctt tweet=”It’s Easy To Say “I Love You”. But It’s Hard To Wait And Proves You Words.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes Dont Be Afraid Of Waiting

Awesome Love You Quotes For Lover

[bctt tweet=”Don’t Be Afraid Of Waiting. True Love Will Always Be Back.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

I Don't Believe In Magic Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”I Don’t Believe In Magic, I Believe In True Love.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes True Love Is Not Easy

[bctt tweet=”True Love Is Not Easy. It Arises Only After Shared Ups And Downs, Common Sufferings And The Fun You Have Together.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Real Love Can Be Compared Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”Real Love Can Be Compared With Ufo: All People Talk About It, But Only A Few Have Seen It!” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

True Love Is Different Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”True Love Is Different: It Is A Strong Fiery And Impetuous Passing As Well As Deep And Calm Feeling” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes People Think That Your Fall In Love

[bctt tweet=”People Think That You Fall In Love Only Once. It’s Not About Me. I Fall In Love Every Time I See You.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

I Wish Time Could Just Stop Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”I Wish Time Could Just Stop When I’m In Your Arms Because It’s The Best Feeling Ever. And Suddenly All The Love Songs Were About You.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes When We're Together

[bctt tweet=”When We’re Together, I Don’t Need Other People And Things. Everything I Need Is The Time…” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Your Voice Is My Favorite Sound Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”Your Voice Is My Favorite Sound.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Best Love You Quotes For Him

Love You Quotes From Time To Time I Dream

[bctt tweet=”From Time To Time, I Dream About Not Knowing You Because I Cannot Sleep At Night, Thinking About You!” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

I Miss You Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”I Miss You.. I Want You… I Need You… I Love You!” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes You're My Favorite Place

[bctt tweet=”You’re My Favorite Place To Got To When My Mine Searches For Peace.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

You Know, My Love Is Not Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”You Know, My Love Is Not The Love At First Sight. It Is The Love At One Minute!” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes I Don't Need Love Letters

[bctt tweet=”I Don’t Need Love Letters Every Day Just Smack Me On The Butt And Say, ” I’m Glad That Ass I Mine.”” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love Is Like The Air Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”Love Is Like The Air, So I Am Breezing With You!” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

I Need Vitamin U Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”I Need Vitamin U.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes Love Harder Than My Pain

[bctt tweet=”Love Harder Than Any Pain You’ve Ever Felt.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Nice Love You Quotes For Her

Don't Worry If Your Cannot Build Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”Don’t Worry If You Cannot Build Your Relationship With People. It Means That Your Person Is Waiting For You In The Nearest Future.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes I Am A Fan Of Your Smile

[bctt tweet=”I Am A Fan Of Your Smile, But The Fact, That The Reason Of Your Smile Is Me, Makes Me Crazy!” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love Is A Real Drug Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”Love Is A Real Drug, That’s Why You’re My Dealer! ” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]Love You Quotes I Dont' Believe In Magic

[bctt tweet=”I Don’t Believe In Magic, I Believe In True Love.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

I'll Not Let You Dictate Love You Quotes

[bctt tweet=”I’ll Not Let You Dictate Me Who I Am. But I Let You Be Part Of Who I’ll Become.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

Love You Quotes Missing Someone Is A Good Way
[bctt tweet=”Missing Someone Is A Good Way To Stimulate You Heart To Be Patient And Open To Love.” username=”@LoveYouQuotes2″]

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