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Ok! So. is there any girl which you like the most in your office, college or school and obviously you want her attention but you don’t know how? Don’t worry! We are going to make it easy for you. Here we are going to describe some point which you can apply and grab her attention so easily.

  1. You can use Your Sense Of Humor – Every girl like funny guys who have a good sense of humour. So if you have a good sense of humour that would help you. You don’t need to be Jim Carrey. But you can use your natural humour to impress a girl and trust me that would be helpful. Try to crack jokes when she is around. If you can impress her, you will get her attention easily my friend. 
  2. Use Your Talent – This is also a very useful thing. If you are good at something, try to use that skill to impress her. That way you can make a good impression. You can get her to notice you. If you are good at dancing, try to take part in the function of the college. You can impress her with your dancing moves. If you can sing, you must show her this talent. College functions are a really good platform to show your talent to everyone especially the girl you love. It is not a good idea to just sit ideal and pray to god. That would not work for you.
  3. Flirting – Flirting is not bad. It’s very healthy. You have heard it right my friend. So take help of flirting to impress her. Try to compliment her whenever you get a chance. That would make her smile. She would start noticing you. You can take advantage of that situation and start a conversation with her. This is not difficult at all. Girls love it whenever someone compliments her. So don’t miss that chance. 
  4. Be confident – Girls like confident guys so you try to be confident when she is around. If you have good knowledge about a particular subject or topic, try to discuss that without hesitation. That would also impress her. 
  5. Help Others – Well it is a good thing to help needy people. So even if it is not about girls, try to help needy people whenever you get a chance. But it works when you have to impress a girl. If someone needs help, try to help that person. That would make her believe that you are a good person. Try to be a good guy. That guy who helps others and she would be interested to talk to you. 
  6. Be Smart – It is also a good idea to make a good impression with your looks. So be smart. Wear good clothes to impress her. And apart from that try to be a gentleman. Make her believe that you respect a woman. You are not like those guys who treat a woman like an object. 

Conclusion – It is not easy to get her to notice you. You have to work hard. But let me tell you that its worth it. So take help of my above tips. They are useful for you. She would want to start a conversation with you. So get up and make some serious efforts. All the best. 


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