Best Ever Tips On How to Make A Girl like You

Intro – Do you want to know how to make a girl like you?  Are you wondering what is wrong with you? Then you shoudn’t need to be worry because we are going to provide you great tips . They will help you make a girl crazy about you. So keep reading.

First of all, you don’t get discouraged if you have faced rejection. It happens with people. So don’t get discouraged. With a little help you can do better. You can actually impress a girl. But for that you have to follow these easy and useful tips. Those tips are

  1. Be you – First and most important tips is be yourself. You don’t need to act like other cool people who get girls easily. I mean to say that you don’t have to fake it. Their cool personality might work for them. But it will not work for you. because it is natural in them. So you just need to be yourself. Don’t try too hard. You need to act natural and it will send positive vibes to that girl.
  2. Look at Her Eyes – If you are really interested in a girl, give her you attention. Look at her eyes. Show her that you are really interested in her. That will help you start conversation with you. You will not get nervous while talking to her.
  3. Give Compliments – A girl will really like it when she will get compliment. If you want to make a good impression of you, you need to give her sweet compliments like she is looking gorgeous or her dress is beautiful. That will really make her happy. And then you can start talking to her. In conversation you can also show your romantic side to her. You can also flirt but don’t overdo this. You just have to play smartly.
  4. Find Common Interest – This tip is very useful even for shy guys who find it hard to talk to girls. It is good if you are able to find the common interest of both of you. That would really help you making your conversation longer. If she likes tennis, you can ask her about her favorite tennis player. You can talk to her about the recent tennis news. You can also ask her to watch the match in the stadium with you. That would be awesome. She would be really impressed with you.
  5. Show Your Interest – While talking to her, you have to show that you are really interested in her. So my forth tip for you is that you need to be a good listener while talking to her. Don’t just talk about your things. You need to pay attention to what she is saying. That would make her feel that you are really interested in her. When she is sharing with you her secret feelings, don’t ignore. Those feeling must be very important for her. And that would boost her trust in you. You can make her close to you in this way.
  6. Make Her Priority – To make a girl like you, you just need to show her that she is your only one priority. Don’t try to look at other girls. If you try to look at other girls, it will make her feel that you are not interested in her. Your reputation will go down.

Conclusion – I want to tell you one last thing. Don’t consider yourself less than anyone. You are smart in your own way. You don’t need to see your negative things. You need to see your positive things. These positive things will help you a lot. Make them your strength. And also apply above tips which will help you impress her and make her like you. Good luck.

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