Top 100+ Hilarious Lesbian Funny Quotes and Saying 2019

We have brought you a hilarious collection of lesbian funny quotes which you will find very funny. You can share our collection even with your straight friends.

Our lesbian funny quotes collection will make you laugh out loud. We have carefully selected quotes which you will not find offensive. Our quotes also represent the strong character of a lesbian girl who is bold enough to say that she is lesbian. She does not have a fear of society.

Apart from that, you can also check out our deep love quotes for her, with that, you can share your love message of her. You can share your deep love feelings. These English love quotes for her are beautiful.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0101

When I See Rainbow On Her Instagram Bio.


Lesbian Funny Quotes0127

When You’re Staring At A Girl’s ass And She Finds Out You Were Looking At Her.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0126

When A Guy Asks How Lesbians Have Sex.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0125

Me When My Crush Watches My Story.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0124

When You And Your GF Have Broken Up 6 Times And Someone Asks If You Guys Are Still Together.

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Lesbian Funny Quotes0123

When You Have Been Eating Her Out For Over A Half Hour.


Lesbian Funny Quotes0122

When The Pussy Was On Point Last Night And You Having Flash Back At Work Like.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0121

Me On the First Date Vs Me On The Fourth Date.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0120

When Your Friend Is Shy So You Step Up As A Wingwoman

 Lesbian Funny Quotes0119

When Someone Tries Flirting With Your Girl While You’re With Her.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0118

*Lesbian Breathes*

Straight Girl: Don’t try Hit On Me I’m Not Into That.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0117

I Kissed A Girl And I Liked That

Lesbian Funny Quotes0116

When She Texts You To Tell You Her Period Ended

Lesbian Funny Quotes0115

When BAE Text You To Come Over But Your Were Already Outside Their House.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0113

Me Trying To Connect To Straight People


Lesbian Funny Quotes0112

My Face.. When My Girlfriend Is Trying To Kiss Me In Front Of Her ParentsLesbian Funny Quotes0111

No One Ever Made Me Cum Like That.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0110

Her: You Good At Eating Pussy?


Lesbian Funny Quotes0109

How I Want To Die.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0108

Mom’s Expectation Vs Reality.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0107

Some Girls Have A Good Reason To Go To The Bathroom Together.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0106

When Someone Asks You And Your Lover..Are You Sisters?

Lesbian Funny Quotes128

If A Woman Always Wins The Argument… How Do You Solve A Lesbian Argument?

Lesbian Funny Quotes129

Tried To Shop Online For Bras.. Too Distracted By Boobs.

Lesbian Funny Quotes130

You Can’t Spell Disappointment Without Men.


Lesbian Funny Quotes0105

When People Asks Me Why I’m a Lesbian.

Lesbian Funny Quotes0104 Lesbian Funny Quotes0103

When Your Bestie Gets Naked In Front Of You. But You Have A Crush On Her So You Try To Hide Your Gayness.


Lesbian Funny Quotes0102

Just Got Adopted By A Lesbian Couple.. I Heard What They Eat! I Swear I’m A Pizza!!!

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