Top 21 Badass Lesbian Love Quotes Ever Spoken 2019

Lesbian Love Quotes

Everyone has the legal right to date whoever they want to, and this is your way to live your life so that you can make content without being concerned about what others suggest. Check out our following lesbian love quotes.

It is quite wonderful when you think how we fall in love, that emotion cannot be duplicated for any woman. It makes us do wonderfully stupid things. Unfortunately, after a while the high leaves and reality sets in, we find ourselves often confused and upset. We want love and partnership so much that we reject it altogether that we like being alone. For you we have selected some awesome love quotes to help to make your love life stronger.

Cute Lesbian Quotes

• My Prince Charming Is A Princess. 

• I’m A Girl. I Love A Girl. And, I’m Ok With That.

• NO, I Have Not Been Hurt By A Guy. I Am Not Confused. It’s Not Just A Phase. I Don’t Hate Men. I Simply Want To Marry A Girl.

• We Are Both The Girl In The Relationship. That’s Kind The Point.

• I’m A Girl. I Love A Girl. And I’m Okay With That.

• Sometimes I Look At You And I Wonder How I Got To Be So Damn Lucky.

• Gays Discover sex Without Emotion ; The Lesbians Often Get Emotions Without The Sex.

• Wish List: You You You You You.

• I Wasn’t Looking For Love But She Found Me.

• The Worst Distance Between Two People Is Misunderstanding

• I Love Her And That’s The Beginning And End Of Everything.

• Yes, I’m A Lesbian. No, I Do Not Like Every Girl I See.

• Life Is Too Short To Ignore Love.

• U Can’t Help It When You’re In Love It’s Not A Choice It’s A Feeling That You Can’t Control And Everyone Should Understand That.

I Love Her Lesbian

• One Day You’ll Kiss Woman And You’re Gonna Know Right Away What A Real Kiss Feels Like… And What Was Missing In Your Previous Relationships?

• Wishing You Were Here Right Now.

• I May Not Be Your First Love, First Kiss, First Sight, Or First Date But I Just Want To Be Your Last Everything.

• It Was Meant To Be.

• You Have No Idea How Much I Care About You.

• I Seriously Wouldn’t Mind If You Just Grabbed My Face And Kissed It.

• Being Able To Say Yeah, She’s My Girlfriend.

Lesbianlove Quotes

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