How To Pick Up A Guy At A Bar

If you are going to a club or a bar to find any dream boy then it’s a superb and unique thought because a bar is a place where so many handsome and elegant  boys go to there to get a girlfriend but it’s really difficult for a girl to attract a handsome boy/guy of her dreams because for boys it’s easy. They can go or chase any girl

which they like and approach a girl but it’s weird if a girl approaches a guy, so. Here we will provide you with some expert tip so you can easily attract a guy of your dream. 

  1. Choose a decent bar

    : If you are going to a bar for Pick Up A Guy At A Bar where you don’t know which type of people come there. You can’t choose a bar where all the evil type people come. You just need to choose where all the good people come to spend some time. For this, you can do some research, ask on Facebook groups of the city that which is the best place to visit for and if any personal friend goes to any bar then you can get his/her detailed review.
  2. Try to look according to your personality

    : Here we will not tell you to wear a short skirt or long leans. We will consider you to wear according to your personality. If you are minded girl which like wearing short skirt then I would suggest you must wear but if you don’t like wearing short skirt then please don’t wear it because cloths are usually personality of a person so if a guys like you in short skirt then he always like you to wear short skirt but in opposite if you do not like it. then it means your relationship will not go longer.

  3. Always go with Females

    : If you are going for finding a boyfriend then you must go with girls because If you go to bar with a male friend then everybody will think that you both are in a relationship and nobody will approach you. 
  4. Don’t use phone in bar

    : If you wanna Pick Up A Guy At A Bar then you have to remeber that single boys will find symptoms or try to guess that this or that girls are in a relationship or not and using mobile phone is the biggest sign that you are waiting for someone or you are talking to your bf who is coming in the bar soon.
  5. Always try to smile on whom you like

    : Smile is the biggest symptom that this girl likes the boy to whom she is smile. So, If you smile on everyone then everyone will try to approach you and maybe those persons also whom you don’t like, so. Always try to smile on those whom you like you. 
  6. Give full attention

    : Suppose the boy of your dream approached you in the bar then you do not need to respond him because you are nervous but if you do this then maybe he will vanish in seconds, so. Try to respond to him in a good way. Smile to him, laugh on his jokes even if they are not as much fun. 
  7. Say yes always

    : because saying no can turn a guy off. So when he ask you for drink then say yes, if he asks you to dance then say yes but but but if he asks you to give your number then if are confused that you like him or not then take her number because in this way you have time to think about it that you want to call him or not and if you like him to give you because if he likes you then he will call you and if he don’t then he will not call you.

note: Don’t go with him in the car which is standing in the basement car parking or on her place unless you want a one night stand.


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