When To Stop Texting Her

Having a conversation with a girl of your dream through messages is a big achievement. I know you want to talk to her on text all the time or you want she is online she always messages you or reply you but pushing a great conversation can ruin a great conversation. You must know when you should stop texting her, therefore. Here I am going to provide a few situations when you must stop texting her or say her goodbye.

  • Tired

    : You are started texting her and she replies in a normal way as she used to do but in the conversation if she is saying that she is so much tired today or she wanna sleep now but she is not wanna say goodbye to you or may she think that you will feel bad then you just need to take step forward and ask her to stop text or goodbye.

If you do this then the thing will go with you because she will think that you are so much caring and she can also think that you know or understand her feelings, therefore. You are asking her to leave the conversation.

  • Mood Off/Angry

    : Suppose you are texting her and she is not replying or you both are arguing on almost every topic you talk about then this is the time when you do not need to wait for her to ask for stopping the conversation. In the place of arguing you just need to stop texting her or if she is not in good mood and not replying you properly as you want then you also need to stop the conversation because in this way you feel bad and this thing can affect your relation, so. It’s better to stop texting then ruining your relationship.
  • She is busy or replying so so much slow

    : You are eagerly texting your partner and she is replying you in one-word answer or replying you almost after 5 minutes even if she is online then maybe she is busy at something or she is in any important task then you just need to ask her goodbye because only this situation has ruined so many relationships because you could think that she is not giving you importance or she talking to any other person, therefore you just need to stop talking to her but if she is continuously doing such thing then you should talk to her about this matter that what’s happening.
  • Different mindset

    : Suppose you got a number of your crush or she add you as a friend on facebook and both starts talking to each other. What you have found that you both have a different mindset. She always or you always argue with you each other and you are not able to find any topic on which you both agree or want to have a conversation on then if you are feeling that she is not interested in you then you should stop her texting. After this. If she texts you back and wanna talk to then it’s good but if she not then should stop the conversation and left her.
  • The Time Pass Product

    : You are talking to a girl from the last few weeks. Everything is going great and on conversation you both like each other but when you tell or ask her to meet her then she is saying that she can’t meet to or she is ignoring this meeting from so many days then this is the time you need to be strong and aks her if she wanna meet her or not. If this is her first time when she is talking to a boy and need some more time then you just need a final date when she is ready to meet you or if she is still don’t meet you on that day then you just need to text your number and tell her that please call me when you are ready to me only then she can call me otherwise please don’t text her or reply her on text.


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